Hey folks,

Let me introduce myself. I’m Lee W. Mowen, I’m 22, and I absolutely love sports. My favorite sport is baseball, followed by basketball, hockey, football, soccer, and volleyball. I have broadcasting experience in all of these sports. Since my freshman year, I have been broadcasting sports at Wright State’s college radio station, WWSU 106.9FM. I was the Sports Director at that radio station for two years and we’ve increased our coverage in sports.

I love watching or listening to games, but I do have my teams I root for. For example, I root for the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals,  Columbus Blue Jackets, Indiana Pacers, and the Columbus Crew. I also root for the Wright State Raiders, something pretty rare around my campus.

I also like technology and how it changes so fast.

This website’s main purpose is to hold bits and pieces of my broadcasting clips and to have something to present future employers. I will do my absolute best to update my blog daily with all the sports I see.

Some of the titles will be puns of sports teams, terms, and the like. I’m not mocking, rather I’m trying to be funny. Some will be hits (I hope!) and some will be duds.

I hope you find my blog interesting and thanks for stopping by.


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