Pilots make better Brewers

Greetings folks,

Just as a head note, I will not be able to update my site tomorrow because I’m heading up to Cleveland and watching the Indians vs. Yankees game. It will be my first trip to Cleveland and my first MLB game outside Cincinnati.

Also as a note: I want to thank Mike Radomski for helping me out the past few days. I messaged him on LinkedIn (a very useful social network site, by the way) and he’s been helping me out since. I gave him a call and he answered my questions I had about entering the field. Also, he suggested opening up a site and that’s why this is up. I just hope that one day I can help someone looking to get into the field.

Now to the post: You might be wondering if the title is relevant to anything. Not really, although I will say Cincinnati taking two out of three at Milwaukee was another solid series for the Reds. The first game was lost on a home run in the bottom of the 8th, so this series was another solid performance by the Redlegs.

As you might know, TO is a Bengal. I have seen and heard more negative things about this, but the season hasn’t begun. Who knows? He might score five touchdowns every game or he might have another lame season. This looks to be an interesting year for not just the Bengals, but the NFL as well.

I know this blog is late and short, but I wanted to post a little something. Until next time…


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