Trades…not just for baseball cards.

Hello again,

Before I get into the subject of the blog today, I have an update on my career building. I have recently paid for a STAA membership. If you do not know what STAA is, it stands for Sportscasters Talent Agency of America. Ran by former ESPN radio host Jon Chelesnik, it is a website that helps sportscasters improve and find jobs. I got an email from Jon earlier today welcoming me to the group. I got a directory of sports stations along with help on cover letters, which I need. All in all, this will be a huge help for my upcoming career. All I have to say, is thank goodness for STAA.

…and now for our feature presentation.

The MLB Trade Deadline was the last day of July. Some teams sold, some teams bought, some teams did absolutely nothing. I’m not going to go over every single trade, but I’ll go over the five I think are important.

First off: The NY Yankees traded from the Indians and the Houston Astros. Now playing for the pinstripes include first baseman Lance Berkman, left fielder Austin Kearns, and relief pitcher Kerry Wood. These are all veterans and this gives both Cleveland and Houston some youth. Wood has been prone to visiting the Disabled List for the past few seasons, but he still can be deadly. Berkman and Kearns will add more veterans to their roster.

Second: You know that Cleveland shipped Peralta, Kearns, and Wood. Also gone is starting pitcher Jake Westbrook, who will add to an already deep St. Louis pitching staff. This Westbrook deal was a three-team deal that sent Ryan Ludwick to the Padres. Now with these trades, Cleveland only has two people over the age of 30: Travis Hafner and Shelley Duncan.

Third: Dan Haren seems to have something over his head. Oh wait, it’s a halo. That’s right, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (rolls right off the tongue) picked up the starting pitcher from the Arizona Diamondbacks. This helps LAA with the loss of John Lackey, which you could argue was their ace. You can now see Lackey with the Red Sox.

Fourth: Nearby, the Dodgers picked up Scott Podsednik from the Royals. In return, Kansas City received two prospects in Elisaul Pimentel and Lucas May. The Royals also unloaded Rick Ankiel and Kyle Farmsworth onto the Atlanta Braves for more prospects.

Lastly: The Nationals did trade Matt Capps to Minnesota, but why no trading of Adam Dunn? The former Red and D’back could fit in very well into the world of the Designated Hitter and the American League. He turns into a free agent after this season and I don’t know if Washington wants to bring him back, wherever it be for performance or contract reasons. Could you imagine how much Washington could have got?

As a mention, the Cincinnati Reds didn’t make a deal this season. Depends how you look at it, this is trusting your farm system and your current offense and pitching. This could also be saying the team is perfect, which isn’t the case sadly. The pitching has been outstanding as of lately, the offense is solid (but are prone to shutouts, the most in MLB), and there’s prospects in the farm system. Coming up to the team is Russ Springer, who pitched for St. Louis and Houston earlier in his career. Call it what you want, but as a Reds fan, this might be the best way to go for now.

Deals can still happen but players will need to clear waivers. We can always see more trades before we step into October.

See you all soon, hope you enjoyed the blog!


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