Red Alert!

Welcome back readers,

As I was typing yesterday’s post about Shaq (who has now decided to join Boston for cheap according to ESPN), I also started writing a post about jerseys and color schemes. I got halfway done and decided to toss it out. I felt like I would have bored people talking about powder blue tops and other things related about jerseys. However, I thought I would revive a little bit of it for today’s post. I am talking about the sea of red in sports.

I should mention that red is my favorite color and I think it is a good look for sports teams.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Uni Watch. The blog is dedicated to the gear that the athletes wear. From the history to the hiccups, this blog does a great job covering it all. I recommend anyone interested in that stuff give it a whirl.

Now then, 13 out of 30 teams in the MLB have red in their color palette. Two have “Red” in their nicknames. If you look at other professional sport leagues, you will see a streak of red as well. In the NFL, there’s ten teams out of thirty with red (I didn’t count Washington because it’s maroon and I didn’t include Pittsburgh because the main colors are black and gold.) In the NHL, 13 teams have some red out of 30 (with one team having “red” in the title)  and the NBA has 12 teams out of 30. For this article, I’m sticking mainly with MLB. Perhaps I will cover this topic for other sports at a different time. I’m not going to cover ALL the red jerseys out there.

As you might know, my favorite team in baseball is the Cincinnati Reds. As you might expect, red is in their color scheme (along with white and black.) They have a alternative red jersey for the last game of a home series (usually Sunday attire), which I think is a nice touch. What other teams can I list here with a red jersey?

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are a good example. They also have red alternative jerseys and a white vest jersey with red sleeves, kind of what the Reds had before their current get-up. The only problem I have with the red jerseys are the fact the font is still red and it can be hard to read. Yes, they do have a white outline around the font however.

The Cleveland Indians used to have red jerseys. In fact, it was an all-red get up. Now, there’s only the blue alternative. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the blue alternative. There used to be another alternative with numbers and the logo of Chief Wahoo, but that’s been long gone I think. Just picture the blue alternative, flip flopped. The jersey would be red, the script would be blue. I think it would look sharp.

The Texas Rangers have both blue alternatives and red alternatives. I’m not a fan of the blues, but I am a fan of the red jerseys. You rarely see two alternatives on both team colors. With the blue, the font is surrounded with a red trim. The red jersey has a slight touch of blue trim.

Lastly, let’s talk about two teams in the National League East. The Braves and the Nationals have red alternatives. Atlanta wears them in the same style as the Reds (Sundays and last game in a home series). The big difference is that Washington’s red has the “DC” letters whereas the Braves are just a recolor of the white tops. The Nationals also have a patriotic blue jersey with the “DC” colored with the American flag.

As a (dis)honorable mention, let’s talk about the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have the same color scheme as their football and hockey team, the Steelers and the Penguins (you can argue that the Penguins are PALE gold.) However, by reading this old Pirates article explaining that red has been a part of the logo on and off. I will admit, these red jerseys look sharp but it’s kind of random, isn’t it? It’s not the first color you think about when you think about Pittsburgh baseball, but it is true that there is red in the logos.

To close off today’s blog, Wright State just released their 2010-2011 schedule. The Raiders open up at Indiana University. If you remember back in 1993, the Raiders faced the Hoosiers in the NCAA tournament. Let’s just say it was pretty if you support IU.

That’s all I got for now, hope you enjoyed the blog today!


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