“Fan”ily Matters

What is a fan?

What makes a fan?

Does a piece of clothing make people fans? Is it the following of one person because he graduated from your alma mater? Is it because you idolized a player when you were young and they used to play on that team? Is it just because your team is nearby?

What makes being a fan so rewarding? Is it how most fans accept you into the so-called family of other fans? Is it the feeling of excitement when your team pulls off a walk-off home run, a last second shot, or a winning touchdown? Being part of a fanbase means that you share that interest with others. It’s always nice to belong to a group.

About fans: I will always say this. There are good fans and bad fans. There’s always the bad bunch that are to sportsmanship what hurricanes are to plastic gnomes. Then there’s the good fans that have stuck through the worst of times and celebrated the best of times. Some fans openly acknowledge other teams and those talents while others just think their teams are indestructible and flawless.

So no matter how you celebrate your team, wherever it’s buying a jersey of a current player, to attending home game and screaming at the top of your lungs until you turn blue in the face, or any other method not listed: celebrate your teams as much as you can. You never know when it’s the last game ever.

Fans, here’s to you for loving your teams.


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