The Way Things Wore

Hello again, dear reader. It seems like basketball season is around the corner. Forget about the gridiron and forget about the diamond playoffs. Heck, forget about the sport of basketball and let’s talk about jerseys.

Before you ask, yes I have written about this stuff before and yes there are better articles out there about this stuff. I haven’t mentioned all the changes though in the NBA. Also, if you want to read more about jerseys, go read Uni Watch (that has more stuff about jerseys than I could ever cover.) The bulk of this post will go over the big changes (small stuff like changing colors of stripes like Minnesota’s jerseys will NOT be covered).

First off for you Ohioans is the Cleveland Cavaliers. For some odd reason, I can’t put my finger on why these jerseys look so familiar. The text kind of reminds me of the New Jersey Nets font, but that’s not it. Keeping the same color scheme of maroon and gold, the home jerseys say “Cavaliers” on the front and the away ones with “Cleveland”. The shorts have the “Sword-C” logo on both sides. The font on the jerseys are also part of the new basketball court Cleveland put in.

Next up, the Jazz of Utah. How about this, a return and upgrade of an old logo and a recoloring of a current logo? That’s right, the “Basketball Mountain” has a third color palette swap, with the new mountains becoming green. Purple does not make an appearance in the new color swap. Along with the mountain comes the famous music note, which has roots back in the original location of New Orleans. As for the new jerseys, they are a flashback to the musical note days. A few differences includes the note not blowing out the word “Utah” (just click here please, it’s the best way I can describe it.)

Third up to bat is the Golden State Warriors. Stop me if you heard this before…an upgrade to an old logo? The Warriors will now use the old “Golden Gate Bridge Circle” on their jerseys. This is more closer to the jerseys worn in 1966-1971, without “The City” text. The players numbers will be in the circle. also returning is the Royal Blue and Gold color scheme.

The Orlando Magic have updated their main logo. Notice that the “A” in Magic is now an actual A instead of a star, which started up when the Magic started playing. The jerseys will start carrying the new font. The magical basketball from the last logo will make a solid return.

The Los Angeles Clippers will now be wearing red away jerseys with “Los Angeles” on the front (instead of “Clippers”). For some odd reason, the script looked familiar. At first I thought it was the Atlanta Braves script, but then I thought about the away jerseys for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The “A” is too different on the Dodgers jerseys but it matches up perfectly with the new Clipper font. I know, different sports but sometimes you’ll see the same style of script being used on different jerseys. Also worth noting is the main logo for the Clippers has the basketball slightly tilted and the “third line” gone. I had to look on the Sports Logos message boards to see the change.

Lastly as a mention to the Horizon League and college sports, the Valparaiso Crusaders are apparently crafting a new set of logos. Instead of the cartoon-like logo, these new logos look more lifelike. While the old logo looks like it’s copying Notre Dame’s logo in terms of the mascot fighting, the new one has a shield with a flame on it in a shape of a V and wearing a helmet covering the face. On the new logos, the old font is replaced with a more vanilla font. I’m not how usable the new Crusader logo is in terms of font usage and the knight itself. A lot of Valparaiso’s teams used that font on their jerseys (there were a few baseball jerseys that didn’t). It will be interesting to see how these changes look in 2010-2011.

I left out my opinions out on these new changes, mainly because I didn’t want my thoughts tainting the news. If you don’t like the new changes, that’s your taste.

Also, do jerseys really change how the game is played? Not really. Maybe it changes on how it LOOKS, but it doesn’t change the sport. These might leave a sore taste in fans mouths, but remember it’s just a logo. It’s just a jersey.

See you next time.


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