Watching the Referees

Hey folks, thanks for coming back to read. One of my new followers on Twitter, SportsFamilyMag, published this article on August 19th. Give it a read, it’s a well written article about a referee’s letter to a parent before he died. It made me think about something.

Are we too harsh on umpires and refs sometimes? I think we can be.

I’m not perfect when it comes to agreeing with every call made, but do we forget that refs and umps can make mistakes too and are also human with feelings? What is their main job? To call the game as they see it. To follow the rules to the best of their abilities. Everyone has different strike zone visions. Refs do not have 360-degree vision

Now before you claim that I’m saying that referees are perfect, I’m not. Let’s take a few for example. Jim Joyce missed a call that would have wrapped up a perfect game for Armando Galarraga. Remember the time Tim Donaghy bet on games when he was a NBA ref (and won about 75% of the games he bet on)?

Of course, Joyce did apologize and went to work soon after. After a few days, it was dropped from the sports media, unless you count “WE NEED INSTANT REPLAY” not dropping the subject. Donaghy has been out for some time after serving his sentence in jail, and he actually interviewed 60 Minutes right after that term ended.

I guess what I’m saying here is that refs make mistakes too. Athletes, refs, broadcasters, fans, coaches are all humans. We all make mistakes. We shouldn’t heckle refs because they don’t make the popular call. Besides, having refs add another real, human value into sports. Technology can only go so far in sports.

With that being said, see you next time.


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