Cincinnati Hope

Cincinnati. Home of several companies and tons of chili companies. When falls hits the city by the river, the trees bring out the true beauty of the city. Oh wait, this isn’t a tourist blog? Oops.

The City of Cincinnati has plenty of tradition when it comes to sports. From the first MLB team to the first night game, one will argue Cincinnati is a baseball city. Opening Day is always something Reds fans look forward to, with the parades and the tradition of always starting the season at Cincinnati.

As a Cincinnati sports fan, there is a lot to be happy about. Currently, the Reds are on top in the Nation League Central Division. The Bengals have added some new weapons for Carson Palmer to pick to help the team continue to score points and are coming off a season featuring a 6-0 sweep of the AFC North teams for the first time in franchise history, so expectations are high. The Cyclones are coming off a Kelly Cup Championship over the Idaho Steelheads.

The Cyclones don’t play until October 15th at the Elmira Jackels and the Bengals finished off the preseason 3-2 after a close win over the Indianapolis Colts. The Bengals just finalized their roster, by the way.  There’s only one month of regular season baseball for the Reds, who had a lead of eight games over Saint Louis after the September 4th game. According to ESPN after that said game, the Reds have a 98.5% of making the postseason. Unless the Reds choke, the dry spell of playoff trips should end in 2010. All I got to say is, there’s only one month left.

If you have been following the Reds for awhile, you will know that there hasn’t been a winning season since 2000. Cincinnati has 26 games left to play after the Saint Louis series, including trips to Colorado and San Diego, two teams in the NL West looking for a ticket to the post-show. The rest of the teams are Pittsburgh, Houston, Milwaukee, and Arizona, which are all under .500. The Reds can’t afford to quit here, but the road looks to be easy for Cincy.

So there you have it: a look at the Cincinnati Reds and how it is refreshing to have a winning team back by the river again. I didn’t cover too much on the Bengals and Cyclones, just because it’s still Reds season and there’s more time for that later. It’s a great time to be a Cincinnati sports fan.

Next blog will be of me covering my own Fantasy Football team (no, I haven’t run out of ideas) and video games dealing with sports. I start school on Tuesday, so blogs might be limited to once a week, but we’ll play it by year.


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