Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Two

Hello again, dear reader. Here is Sportscasters Anonymous, Volume 2.

The tip of the day: Researching. It doesn’t matter how “elite” you are in the world of Sportscasting: every good sportscaster researches a game. It entails looking up history, rosters, coaches, schedule, and stories for your broadcast. How does one of the most prominent defensive players on your team work out in the off-season? Why is there an extra stripe on the jersey? What is the significance of this game? I’m sure you can think of others.

I think it goes without saying for research that more is more. If you get too much information, either save it for the next valuable broadcast or some other time. If you have too little information, you will be left stranded without anything to talk about (that is relevant, anyway.) Your job is to inform others of anything they need to know about the game.

Basic information on teams is easy to find. From my experience in college, any information that you need is located on the school’s website. If there’s something you need, there’s always the Sports Information Directors that are willing to help. For high schools, you do have to do some snooping around other sites (like JJ Huddle for Ohio High School sports) or some conferences will have sites for stats (GWOC). There’s always newspapers, coaches, and the players themselves.

Well, that’s all for Volume Two. Thanks for reading.


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