Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Three

Hello readers, here is the third installment of Sportscasters Anonymous. Today’s topic: experience.

It goes without saying: practice makes perfect. Yes, we are talking about practice (start the practice word counter.) For sportscasting: the more you broadcast, the more you find out what works for you. You learn how to read stats, you learn how teams play, and you learn how you sound on the air.

Another piece of advice I have for you is to do something outside of broadcasting. Take some time and volunteer in doing stats, scoreboard, and ref. From a personal standpoint, I feel that running the scoreboard for football has increased my knowledge of the sport. Referees need to have the most knowledge on the sport they cover, and statisticians need to know what constitutes what.

One last piece of information I can share is to record games and mute them to “broadcast” them. I got this advice from former Wright State coach Jim Brown after one broadcast together. I found this does help with pacing with the broadcast, so give it a try.

That’s all I got. I’ll do my best to release another post soon.


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