Who knew Bruins could skate?

No, I’m not talking about the historical Boston Bruins. I’m talking about the Troy Bruins. The Bruins play in Hobart Arena in Miami County, which is the county just north of Dayton.

According to their website, the Bruins started playing in 1950 as the Miami Valley Bruins. A year later, the Troy Bruins would start playing in the International Hockey League until 1959. Back then, their home was the newly-built Hobart Arena.

Troy would have another hockey team in the Sabres from 1982 until 1988. The Sabres would play in All-American Hockey League, which was short lived. However, something grew out of that and that was the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League.)

In 2009, their was another team landing in Troy called the Bruins. Their is no connection between the 1950’s Bruins and today’s team, other than the name and the location. The new franchise plays in the aged Hobart Arena.

The Bruins play in the All American Hockey League, along with five other teams including one in Sharonville (a Cincinnati suburb.) Yes, this is not the same league the Sabres started but another minor league that popped up in 2008.

Last season, Troy played in the Northern Junior Hockey League with teams like the Findlay Grrrowl, the Jamestown Jets, and the Wooster Oilers. The league only existed for one year, as several teams including Findlay have shut their websites down and called it quits. Many other teams decided to jump ship for another league. Troy finished second in the league.

If you are in the area, seats are cheap at $8 a pop (up one dollar from last season.) Hobart Arena is a very nice arena, seating around 3,700. The arena is now sixty years old, opening up in this month to ten sold out performances of Holiday on Ice in 1950.

If you’re looking for some cheap sports entertainment, check out a Troy Bruins game. I know I had fun during my trip to Troy (although driving through the snow was a pain.) The Bruins should have another quality team on the ice and gives the Miami Valley yet another option for hockey.

Until next post, folks.


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