Chariots of Fanship (and love)

The other day, I saw one of my friend’s status on Facebook. They were asking about on what they should do since the other one didn’t love a team like they did. That got me to thinking: Can relationships work when two people root for some other teams.

Duh! Of course they can!

I guess the “big” issue that I’m writing about is the fact that teams we cheer on shouldn’t really determine if two can make it work. Why should it even matter in the first place?

Should you give up rooting for your team for your special someone? No, of course not. Should you start rooting for their team though? That depends on if you want to. Listen folks, cheering on for your teams is indeed important and has a place but why should that interfere with love? Isn’t your squeeze more important?

Of course I say this forgetting that everyone’s priorities are different. Maybe you’re an alum. Maybe they are an alum from a different school. There’s millions of reasons on why you root on for a team. So what can you do?

Make it into some sort of game. A bet, or a wager, if you will. Without getting too graphic, make it fun for the winner (or loser, whatever floats your boat.) Do something for them. Make them do something for you. You get my point.

Is it easier to be in a relationship with someone that likes the same teams? Possibly, but it’s more of a challenge to be with someone that doesn’t. The point of this is, it shouldn’t really matter. You both love the sport, don’t you? Make it a fun rivalry of your own.

Lastly, yes: that is a picture of the guy that moved away from a foul ball and allowed his girlfriend to get hit. “Bo the Bailer” as he is called, moved out of the way while the foul ball hit his girlfriend right in the arm. Needless to say, they broke up (search for it, there’s other things that the girl did afterward). Also, the conversation they had was hilariously bad, which can be found on this YouTube video. It’s included because I didn’t know what else would go with this post and it had a little something to do with love and sports.

Thanks for reading. Next time it will just be about sports. I promise.


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