Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Five

Hey readers, I’m back with Sportscasters Anonymous. The topic for today is rosters.

Every team has players. Every player has a name. Every name wants to be pronounced correctly. Everyone doesn’t want to hear you the sportscaster butcher that name six ways from Sunday.

Names are an important part of the broadcast. To some, they are the most important part. Stats only take you so far (but they are important, too.) You need to call on a player each time they make a play.

If you work at broadcasting college sports, your Sports Information Director (or a title similar to that) will give you pronunciations. The pros have people (I’m pretty sure about this, I’ve never called a pro game) and high school have people, wherever it be coaches or someone else.

If you make a mistake, that’s fine but you have to correct it. If you don’t, fanbases question if you are a homer (one that thinks all is right with their team and all other teams aren’t worth dirt) or you just don’t care.

What always helps me is writing out each different sound. For example, Miller would be written out as Mill-ER (I know, that is easy but it’s an example.) You get the idea.

This should be the first thing you ask about. Pronouncing names right gives you a solid foundation to a great broadcast.


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