Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Six

Greetings readers. Today’s topic: fans.

Yeah, I said it. Fans.

Last night (Sunday the 19th), I called my first game in the bleachers. It was Wright State versus Dayton (I’ll write about this one day). The other broadcaster and I were surrounded by fans. Dayton fans.

The first thing I worried about was offending the fans. I try my best to not be a homer and call the game on a neutral plain. It just so turned out, they helped me out a lot. The Flyers wore red jerseys with blue numbers, which were tough to see underneath the night sky and the bright lights of the soccer field. The fans helped me out with numbers and substitutions, and facts.

I’m not saying relying on fans is okay, in fact you should always be prepared. However, there are times where fans will be happy to help you out. Of course, thank them for the help they give. Also with calling the game, you must paint the picture completely. Tell how many fans there are. Give a fair peek of how many fans are at the park.

Don’t be afraid of the other fans. While off the air, try to make some conversation with the other fans.

Just because they root for someone different doesn’t make them “evil,” they still love sports. That’s all that should matter, right?


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