When Mascots ATTACK! (in Ohio)

It’s now Tuesday, and people all around the world have probably heard about the Bobcat mascot attacking Brutus. Is this the first attack from mascots? Nope.

Let’s face it, by releasing this Tuesday I am no way adding to the stuff you already know. You can see from the YouTube video from BuckNuts that Rufus Bobcat storms out of nowhere to tackle the OSU mascot. He does make some contact before losing his head. Then, the Bobcat tries for a second time and wrestles Brutus to the ground before being escorted out of Ohio Stadium.

According to an ESPN article, the guy in the mascot planned this when he tried out for the team. The 19-year-old Brandon Hanning is no longer allowed to be affiliated with Ohio University athletics. He is now a student at Hocking College.

Of course you know about how Ohio University has written an apology letter to Ohio State. Of course you know that the person in the Brutus mascot just handled it like a professional and took one for the team. The Buckeyes did extract revenge on the Bobcats and won 43-7 over the MAC squad.

When there are two mascots out at a game, you would expect to have a little disrespect but not like this. When the Raiders hosted the 2007 Horizon League Tournament in Men’s Basketball, they played the Butler Bulldogs (a rival.) The bulldog suit was there, and the wolf mascot was there. They ended up arm wrestling, but I can’t find a picture of that ANYWHERE (when Google fails, you know you have to dig deeper into the Internet.)

Was that tackle and wrestle unsportsmanlike? No question. Was it entertaining? Some will say yes; some will say no. What do I think? I’ll leave it up to you to answer that one. I do think Ohio U. did the right thing and apologize, but I really don’t think it should go on further than that. The person in the mascot has been punished and you teach future mascots to not tackle other mascots, especially in their home stadium.

Speaking of rivals, the next post will be about one special rivalry in the Miami Valley. One resides in South Dayton, the other just five minutes east of Dayton. I’m sure people around this area reading this will already know what’s coming up. Until next time.


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