Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Seven

Greetings readers! Today’s topic: giving advice.

Today is a special day for me. I am training a few sportscasters today about the basics for our college radio station at Wright State. To be honest, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I have four years experience in this field and I have met some great people in the Athletic Department and our station. I made some good friends throughout the way.

I have also put a lot of games in my pocket. Nearly 200 games called, I have learned so much about the flows of the game and so much more.

So how do I spread all of my information to them without overwhelming them? That’s why I’m typing this up today.

You can’t share too much in one day. You’ll lose your trainees that way. Instead, spread it out over time and share a little bit as you go.

What do you start with though? Chances are most have little-to-no experience when they first walk in. Make it as simple as you can to spread the knowledge.

Whatever knowledge you can share is good. Just don’t spread too much or you might scare them away.

Thanks for reading, and I’m still working on the rivalry article. It will be out soon.


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