Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Eight

Hello again readers. Today’s topic, spreading excitement.

Sports are exciting. Big plays are exciting. Big defensive stops are exciting too. Let’s face it, both teams on the playing field are capable of making a lot of good plays.

As a broadcaster, it’s your job to bring the action fairly. If an exciting play happens, call it. If the other teams does something exciting, call it. You can’t just call plays that benefit your team. That makes you sound like a homer!

I remember listening to a game where the broadcasters did put in some words for the other team but just seemed uninterested unless their team did something right. Folks, you can’t do that. You must be equal on the air.

I know that it’s not an easy task, but always do your best to be equal in everything, including how much energy you give when you broadcast. You never know who’s listening.

Until next time, readers.


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