The Battle of the Miami Valley – The Student Sections Edition

When I wrote my article on Wright State and Dayton, I forgot one tiny detail. The Student Sections.

I wrote about the athletic programs, I wrote about the differences. I wrote a little about campuses and making abandoned property into useful buildings for each university.

Why did I forget about this topic? I felt like if I didn’t release it soon, it wouldn’t be relevant. You see, I called a WSU vs. UD game on Sunday and thought to myself that this was a perfect topic to talk about. I kept stalling on the article due to classwork. To be honest, I kind of feel stupid forgetting this topic. I could have said I planned it like that though…

This continuation will deal with the student sections and the fans as a whole.

First, let’s just talk about the student section groups. For Dayton, you have the Red Scare that support a lot of sports that UD has. Wright State has the Raider Rowdies, which have a history dating back to the days of playing basketball in the 2,000 seat gym in the Physical Education Building (yes, now called the Student Union and now the Campus Bookstore.) Both groups are passionate about their schools.

Although these two groups are similar in their goals, there really isn’t any communication. There was a collaboration for a Wright Flyer propeller trophy to the winner of the most games between the two schools, but I don’t think that ever materialized. The last time I can confirm the sighting of Red Scare members was last year’s Women’s basketball game at UD Arena. There were a few members of Raider Rowdies, but not the entire group.

For the fan on the web, you have a few choices. For the Flyers: there’s UD Pride which includes blogs, message boards, and other things. The site has been serving the fans of Dayton since 1996, or so the site says. Wright State does have two sites, in Raider Roundball and the WSU Proboards. The Raider Roundball site has been active since 2001 and does publish stories about WSU Basketball, while the Proboards are just message boards but there is a nice feature on recruits.

One last thing to talk about is the actual fans. From what I’ve encountered, both teams have great fans. Everyone has been very nice to me, from who I’ve talked to either on each campus or on the road. I have seen more Dayton fans out away from the Miami Valley, however. Also, your experience might vary.

Like I previously mentioned about WSU and UD, I won’t talk about the Men’s Basketball situation and how there is mix between the two groups. I refuse to open that can of worms. I also refused a comment on here saying how one team sucks. I wanted to provided a fair article about both schools and how big of a rivalry it is in the Miami Valley.

Thanks for your patience. See you next time.


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