Sports Gear Solid

Here’s a question for all you sports fans. How many own multiple pieces of clothes that have a team name or logo on it? What exactly is it: jerseys? Shirts? Shorts? Headbands? Temporary tattoos? Hats? Sweatshirts? Coats?

There is a lot of stuff out there made for the fans. There’s fake street signs, pennants,  posters, garden gnomes, office supplies, paperweights, and much more. If you can think of it, then they probably make it.

Clothes are pretty much a normal choice. People can see who you root for. Shirts, sweatshirts, replica jerseys (which I write about in the future), caps, and outerwear are the norm. There’s even more, like socks, shoes, shorts and sweats, headbands and wristbands, watches, and underwear. That’s the majority of the stuff you can wear, but what about the others?

There’s flags, banners and pennants, key-chains, foam fingers, coffee cups, license plate frames,  stuffed animals, and more. When I say more, I mean garden gnomes, wet floor signs (see the picture), and other oddities in various shops.

I could go on and on about all the stuff you can buy. However, the main point is to think about all of these items.

As a sports fan myself, I can say I have plenty of shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, and other clothes to last a few weeks. I have a few pennants, as well as a few hats and a few bobbleheads like the Adam Dunn bobblehead from 80’s night a few years back in Cincinnati.

Do sports fans really need some of these things? What is the main purpose of a garden gnome anyway? Isn’t wearing your pride good enough?

Of course, it’s my opinion that some of these things aren’t needed, but maybe you do need them. Maybe wearing the gear from your team isn’t enough. Maybe visitors need to see you who root for…even outside in your garden.

To wrap it all up, there’s plenty of stuff to buy out there to show your fanhood.

I did mention jerseys earlier and I might tackle the different types of jerseys later on (replica, authentic, etc.) Until next time, readers.


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