Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Nine

Hello readers, it’s been a while. Today’s topic: confidence.

You can know the sport you are calling inside and out, but what about on air? It’s something about microphones that makes even the strongest person crumble on the air. Why is that? Is it the fear of people rejecting what you have to say?

For you radio broadcasters, they can’t see if you’re wrong or right unless they are at the game. Television is one where people can see the mistakes. Don’t worry about the mistakes though, shrug them off and correct them. Then move on.

You shouldn’t feel scared getting on the air. You are getting the chance to broadcast information live to the people and these people can sense fear. You cannot show fear, but that’s easier said then done. Don’t be nervous.

I kind of wrote this blog for someone I know that fell out of broadcasting, although they had all the right stuff to go far. So, out of the goodness in my heart, I’m trying to get them back to the sportscasting world.

Listen, you can’t be scared about entering the booth. The only thing people are really going to harp about is the FCC guidelines and not knowing your basics on the sport. People understand mistakes are made, we’re only humans ourselves.

Practice in the mirror. Call all the action when you’re watching TV. Brush up on your knowledge on the sport. Make sure you get pronunciations¬† when you can. Ask questions if you don’t know.

Most importantly, don’t be nervous. Just call the game, and you’ll be gold.

Until next time,


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