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Jerseys: a great way to show who you root for. Depends on what type you get, they can be cheap or super expensive. Yes, there are many types of jerseys. You have replicas, authentic jerseys, and a few others. There’s plenty to go around for basketball fans, as well as baseball, football, soccer, and hockey fans. You’ll have some colleges that have jerseys for sale as well, but it depends on the college.

The athletes wear jerseys, so why can’t the fans?

I decided to write about this because of the popularity of jerseys. Most sports fans have at least one jersey. But what’s the difference in quality or price?

First off, some jerseys will either have a name or not. Usually jerseys are cheaper without names or numbers, but that’s not always the case. Case in point, I went to a sporting goods store (no names here to protect the stores, or something like that) to look for a Cincinnati Reds jersey. I’m not a big fan of the new look they have now, so I always look for the away jersey set. I look at a blank (no name/number) jersey, and it was for $70. Of course, custom jerseys do cost more because of the stitching and personalization of the jersey.

Also, keep in mind that jersey prices depend on the player. If that said player is no longer on the team or not as popular, you might save some money. If they changed numbers, like Ken Griffey Jr. did while with Cincinnati, this can save you money (like it did for myself.)

Now here’s some different types of jerseys. I am basing my information based off a few articles from Pacers Digest, a Fanzz page, an eBay user, and this video from the NFL.

Replica jerseys are the cheapest to make and the cheapest to buy. These are screen pressed jerseys that aren’t of the highest quality but will work if you are on a budget. The jerseys themselves are of good quality, it’s just the letters and numbers are just pressed. Like I previously mentioned, these are nice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a jersey.

The Swingman jerseys are only made in the NBA and are the half step between replica and authentic. These are sewn together (but not as much as an authentic jersey) and look more like the real thing. Considered a great deal to NBA fans, these don’t carry the price tag of authentic tops but look about the same. For the NFL fans, the Swingmans are comparable to the Single-Stitch tackle twill jerseys but not actually called Swingmans.

Authentic jerseys are the real deal. Stitched in, just like the players wear. However, the players “personalities” sold separately. Of course, with the higher quality comes the higher price tag. These are perfect for frames or for the biggest fans only insisting on quality.

Also targeted for female fans are pink jerseys. These aren’t worn by the players, but it is aimed for females wanting to root for their teams. Of course, some females might just want to wear the actual jerseys rather than the all-pink creations.

As a mention for MLB fans, it is important to look for the hologram on the tag. If there isn’t a hologram sticker, it is a fake type of jersey that is very cheaply made and of poor quality but it claims it is an authentic jersey. If you go back to the eBay site, it shows an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey that the team has never worn before (to prove it, the first picture is from the infancy years of the franchise and the second picture is what they wear now.) Most hardcore fans can spot this and pass this, but you always have to watch.

Speaking of fakes, there are super cheap fake jerseys that are for sale at most stores. These do not have anything in common with the team with the exception of colors, logos, and scripts. While these are less quality than replicas, they are cheap and do show off your fanship. Supermarkets will carry these.

I remember reading something where different types of hockey jerseys had fighting straps and some didn’t. However, I can’t find anything online about it, so I didn’t talk about it in a great length.

Custom jerseys are a great gift to friends, family, and lovers. That statement totally isn’t a preview of an article I’m working on next week, I promise. Jerseys are great presents and any fan will be proud to wear them. Next time you get a jersey, wear it with pride (unless it’s a fake jersey that doesn’t spell the team’s name right…oh wait that’s what the players wore?!)

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