Pink Angers More Than You Think

Greetings readers,

I saw a post today about people being upset about the Indiana Pacers rookies having to wear pink backpacks. If you look at the FOX 59 video, you will see a mother talking about her concerns with the rookies having to wear pink backpacks. After the video, check out some of the opinions of mothers in the Indianapolis area on this website.

If you visit the official website of the Indiana Pacers and click the video titled “Pink Backpacks for Rookies“, it has Roy Hibbert (#55) giving the three rookies pink backpacks to wear all year. In that video, the rookies and Hibbert are all having a laugh about it.

This might be the first time I’ve ever heard of rookies wearing pink backpacks, but this rookie treatment isn’t a new concept. Not by a longshot.

I wrote this article to put my two cents in on the subject. I feel like this is a harmless stunt, sort of an entrance fee if you will. Should we worry about it? Not really.

One of the comments says “these are ADULTS,” and “look what their role models are doing.” Okay, this might not be the greatest thing to do but the veterans are not promoting violence, crime, or anything too negative. Some comments continue to say that it crosses the line of hazing and fun. To me, hazing is really hurting someone’s feelings or risking their health. Putting something potentially harmful in the rookies’ drinks? Yes, that’s hazing.

To be honest, I don’t see the pink backpacks as much as an issue as others do. Of course, people are welcome to their own opinion and are free to disagree with mine, but it is a big deal. Remember when Dez Bryant was told to carry everyone’s pads and ended up spending an insane amount on dinner? I don’t recall many people complaining about that issue.

I also feel like the rookies are being accepted into the team and will play harder to show why they belong. So far, none of the rookies have complained. So to wrap up this article, I think the picture sums up some thoughts on this whole ordeal.

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