A Wedge in King County’s Field

From the people that brought you “La Russa’s Arch” and “Quade and the Cubs” comes…

A Wedge in King County’s Field.

Just recently, Eric Wedge was hired by the Seattle Mariners. Wedge’s last stint was with the Cleveland Indians two seasons back. While not having a historical career in the MLB as a player with only thirty-nine games, he’s been managing since 1998 in the Cleveland farm system. He finally got his chance in 2003 with the Indians to manage in the big leagues. He was let go in 2009 to make room for Manny Acta.

Wedge, in his seven seasons with Cleveland taking over for Charlie Manuel, only compiled two winning records and one .500 record. In the five team American League Central, the Indians never finished lower than fourth but came close to 100 losses twice (in 2003 and 2009, his first and last years.)

Most fans can tell you that 2007 was the best year out of the seven Wedge years. Finishing first and in the playoffs, the Indians were just one win away from the World Series before Boston came back and stole the series away. The Red Sox would later take down Colorado in the World Series.

Eric Wedge takes over a Mariners club that was held to high standards but disappointed just about everyone with their offense. Don Wakamatsu was canned during the season, on the way to 101 losses. This was also the season that Ken Griffey Jr. called it quits and retired from the majestic sport of baseball.

Something that is interesting about this hiring is the fact that Wedge will manage Milton Bradley again. In 2004, the Indians traded Milton Bradley to the Los Angeles Dodgers while Wedge stated that the lack of hustle wasn’t working with the Tribe.

The Mariners are looking to rebound from a 61-101 year where they were fourth in the American League West. Seattle is also looking for their first World Series trip in franchise history. One thing the M’s need to do is pick up offensive power and find a pitching lineup suitable after “King” Felix Hernandez.

It could be an interesting year for the AL West, the Seattle Mariners, and the rest of the league. One thing is for sure though: this is a weird time to hire somebody. Normally you wait until the playoffs are completely finished.

As a final touch to this article, I’ll cover what the people are saying on the MLB Trade Rumors page. Currently, there are about 60 comments. Some are questioning Seattle’s choice and sarcastically cheering for more mediocrity. While Wedge has only two winning seasons to his career in the Majors, it will be interesting to see what he does differently in King County.

Until next time, readers.


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