Concussed Out

Greetings again, dear readers. Let’s talk about the ugly side of sports: injuries.

As a fan of many sports and many teams, injuries are my least favorite thing to talk about while broadcasting. Every time an athlete doesn’t get back up right away, I fear for the worst.

Injuries are common among sports, as these activities command a lot from bodies. Sometimes, bodies tend to crumble under extreme stress.

It’s unfortunate that these do happen, but human bodies aren’t indestructible.  We are lucky to be living in these times though, where technologies exist to get the body fixed up to the best of the doctor’s abilities.

The picture I shared is the only one on Page 1 of Google images that I didn’t freak out entirely. The picture I used is a head-to-head collision of two New York Mets players.

Since the NFL season began again in 2010, there’s been an increase of people getting concussions. According to, a concussion is defined as a direct or indirect blow to the head which affects the brain. There are three levels of concussions: mild, moderate, and severe.

For mild concussions, these are harder to track due to the athlete still maintaining normal balance. You might have some memory loss or ringing in your ears, but will still maintain consciousness.

Moderate concussions are marked by worse symptoms (no kidding), including mental confusion, possible nausea or vomiting, and a loss of consciousness no longer than five minutes.

The severe concussions don’t mess around, as your blood pressure can increase, along with mental confusion and loss of consciousness longer than five minutes. The athlete should be off the field of action IMMEDIATELY, no matter what level of concussion they are facing.

For the most part, you hear about concussions more in football than any other sport due to the amount of physical contact everyone must make. Sometimes, you will have tackles or falls to the head. While football helmets have been made to cushion some of these blows, it’s not enough sometimes.

While I mentioned we live in truly great times for technology to repair injuries, you can never repair what you lose in your brain. Those said surgeries are good for patching up muscles, but not for repairing brain traumas. Once you do damage to your head, you’ll never be 100% again. In my honest opinion, you’ll never be 100% again with any injury that occurs. Too many injuries will have you on the sideline for the rest of your career…or worse. These things happen in any level of sport, and it’s a cryin’ shame to have them happen to anyone.

Whenever you play sports, always remember to be careful out there. You could be in a world of hurting with one wrong move.

Until next time,


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