A Series for the World

Hey readers,

We finally have our teams for the 2010 World Series. For the American League, we have the AL West winners in the Texas Rangers, making their first appearance ever in franchise history. For the National League, we have the San Francisco Giants making an appearance into the World Series for the first time since the 2002 season.

The Rangers took down two American League East teams in the Tampa Bay Rays (in 5 games) and the New York Yankees (in 6). The Giants took down Atlanta (in 4) and Philadelphia (in 6).

The series will start in San Francisco at AT&T Field in the best-of-7 matchup. With Texas in the Series, that leaves two MLB teams that have never played in the Finale: the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals and the Seattle Mariners. If you do ask the fans that watched the 1994 Expos team however, many speculated that the Expos would have the NL pennant but with the strike wiping out the season, we’ll never know. The Mariners have been to the postseason four times in their history, but have lost three times in the ALCS to the Cleveland Indians (in 1995) and the New York Yankees (twice, in 2000 and 2001.) The Mariners fell in the ALDS to the Baltimore Orioles in 1997.

An interesting note is the times of the games. They begin earlier than usual to try to appeal to the younger fans.

Both teams have strong offenses and solid pitching lineups. It will be interesting to see who will get the trophy for this season.

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