Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Ten

Greetings readers. Ten of these already? Holy cow! Also, this is my 50th post and the first SA in a while. Today’s topic is about learning.

From a quote I saw on Twitter, treat everyone as if they were a teacher.

Earlier in the week, when I was pulled out of class because of a tornado warning, I ran into the Public Announcer for Wright State. He also teaches a class in the Business Department. We began talking about the upcoming Wright State basketball season, on how excited we were with the new players and the mix of veterans. Then, we began talking about the history of the Miami Valley. The conversation trickled over to my hometown in Preble County. He told me that there were thirteen high schools at the time (there’s only 5 today and as far as I know back in the 1990’s as well) and they would play their district championship games in Richmond, Indiana because there wasn’t a gym in Preble County big enough to hold that type of game. We then continued on how those schools would become consolidated.

My point is to always strike up a conversation with the people you work with and learn about what they say. Talk to anyone who has been in the business for quite some time and has seen things change. It’s a good history lesson. Who knows, it could be good for your broadcasting game.

On that note, just a heads up that I am extremely busy this week and might not publish a new blog for awhile. I have a huge project that needs to be done that also determines if I graduate or not this quarter. I also have internship training on Saturday and a game on Sunday. There’s no rest for the sportscaster. However, there might be a new series I begin writing on this blog. It’ll be a surprise.

Until next time,


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