A Teal of Epic Proportions

Hello readers,

Let’s take a brief trip into the 1990’s. It seemed like teal was a popular color in sports palettes. The Detroit Pistons, historically had red and blue colors, switched to teal for a brief stint. The Charlotte Hornets used teal right from the get-go, although the franchise was born in 1989. However, the New Orleans Hornets still use teal. The Jacksonville Jaguars have teal in their color scheme to this day. The Florida Marlins also use teal in their scheme as well.

Now let’s go to the present day. The Pistons are back to wearing the red and blue colors and most teams don’t think about switching to teal. However, there’s still teams out there with this color.

If you haven’t heard, the Seattle Mariners have decided to introduce a teal home alternative jersey to replace the dark blue alt. They have worn this jerseys in the mid-90’s, back in the Kingdome.

Why was teal such a hot color for sports in the nineties?

There are still teams that wear teal as a main color, like some mentioned earlier. Some college teams still have teal, like the North Carolina-Wilmington Seahawks and the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.

I am not writing this article to say that teal is the worst color to choose, but it doesn’t seem like this color does have its place in history. There are a few teams that used teal in the beginning but no longer do. The Grizzlies used teal from the birth year of 1995 until 2004 when the Memphis switched to a blue palette. Keep in mind the Grizzlies were originally in Vancouver.

There’s still plenty of teams with teal.

With that being said, sorry about the lack of articles the past few weeks. It’s been a tough few weeks in college. I will do better to update the blog a lot more. Thanks for understanding.

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