A Festivus For The Reds of Us

Greetings readers,

I wanted to release this the day after I released the “Snow Days” article, but you see how well that went. Anyways, without further ado…

If there’s a party going on in North, shouldn’t there be one in the South? If you don’t catch my drift, it’s RedsFest Time!

On December 3rd and 4th, the Duke Energy Convention Center will be home to the festival where the Cincinnati Reds give the fans a chance to interact with most of the team.

Some events that are included include autograph sessions, a reading room, and chances to buy Reds gear. Here is what some of the photos taken at the RedsFest last year. There are plenty of activities for fans, including a wiffleball game and a chance to purchase rare memorabilia.

I know that most people would rather just go to the site and just look at all the fun things scheduled, but before I sound just like I’m writing a commercial on RedsFest, here’s a few reasons why you should go:

1. Reds! Every year, there’s a few players and coaches that will stop by for autographs. When I say few, I mean like this many. We’re not talking just players, but coaches and broadcasters too. The list of people coming is varied and plentiful.

2. The list of activities and things to do. There’s a ton of stuff to do. I previously mentioned some stuff, but there’s also physical events (like running to the bases.) There is also a poker tournament held by the Reds Community Fund onĀ  December 4th (not available on the 3rd.) Keep in mind, it costs to watch or play at the tourney. Yes, I said watch but you get food and beverages.

3. Unless you go to Goodyear, Arizona for Spring Training, this will be your last chance to see your baseball team for awhile. Like I mentioned, there will be a big list of Reds folks there. While everyone might not be there, the majority of the team will be.

4. There is something for everyone! Check the website for more events and details.

The fest will be on December 3rd and 4th, in Cincinnati (oh, I thought Redsfest would be in New York!) at the Duke Energy Convention Center. If you are a true Reds fan (that can go that Friday/Saturday), you should check it out.

Until next time, readers.


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