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I’m here to write another post of jerseys. As you might know, Nike will be making the jerseys for the National Football League in 2012. Currently, the jerseys are made by Reebok. While Nike does have some great technologies in jerseys, there’s one thing that has fans buzzed. Not in the good way, however. Some of the designs have shocked fans on how radical they are. Some designs are recoloring and using a different font, but some are difficult to explain. Some logos are stretched over the jerseys as well. For this article, I will cover a few teams. I will describe what they look like and then leave my personal opinions at the end, in bold.

1. Cincinnati Bengals– Let’s start off the list with a huge change. Instead of using tiger stripes for the helmets, it’s the Bengal face on the helmet. Not the logo just placed on the side of the helmet like how most teams but actually stretched over the helmet. On the jersey top, the word “Bengals” is placed near the chest in a different font with the numbers underneath. On the side, there is an orange stripe above a black stripe. The pants, just like the helmet, have the logo stretched over them. Overall: no thanks. Keep the stripes on the helmet. Stretching the logo on the pants and helmets do not look good. The jersey is okay, but I could see a problem with reading the numbers.

2. New England Patriots– This is the picture on the article. On the helmets, it looks like the Patriot logo is mirrored on the helmet and a double red stripe down the middle. The red top will have red stripes on the shoulders and will have the 50 stars (like the American flag) on the bottom left of the top. The pants are just plain blue. It looks like the number font is the same. Overall: these are okay. To me, making it based off of the flag is cheesy. Other than that, I like the red jerseys.

3. Cleveland Browns– To be honest, these look the same as the Browns have now. The difference I see is the stripes. They are now on the undershirt instead of the jersey. I can’t tell if the helmet has a logo or not on the side. Also, the word “Browns” is gone from the new set. Overall: about the same as before, but I’m not the biggest fan on their current set. However, these are staying true to tradition and could be a lot worse. Read on.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers– Well, if you don’t know about the steel industry history of Pittsburgh, you will now. The helmet is now gold, with the steel “texture” instead of the Steelers circle logo. These also show up on the jersey top. The logo makes an appearance on the top left of the jersey. The number font is different (and I mean REALLY different) as it has a black outline now. The yellow, red, and blue colors are on the left undershirt sleeve. Combine this combo with some gold pants. Overall: no thanks. I understand you want to show off the history of the industry in Pittsburgh, but these won’t show up easily unless you can make it easier to see. I like the logo on the jersey, but the number font needs to go. I also will say I’m not a fan of the three colors on the left under-sleeve.

5. Oakland Raiders– Right off the bat, I notice the Raider shield is tilted towards the front of the player. There is a lot more presence of the color black (the helmets are silver with the black tops.) The number font is different, like Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. There is a silver streak ranging around the neck. On the silver pants, the Raider shield makes an appearance on the top left. Overall: these aren’t bad. Personally, I like the block number font just fine but these do strike as more threatening. Of course, there’s not a lot to comment on just because the only two colors Oakland uses now are black and silver, but these are nice. You could argue through that the “necklace” has no place on a football jersey, but it does break up the whole “it’s just a black jersey with numbers on it” trend. Hats off!

6. Atlanta Falcons– It’s Revenge of the Throwback logo (for the helmet, anyway.) The old Falcon logo makes an appearance on the black helmet. On the jersey itself, a different font rises in white surrounded by a red line. There’s a few stripes on the sides along with white (could be silver) pants. Overall: these are okay, but why on earth would you put a logo that is black on a black helmet? On the throwbacks, the helmets were red and easy to see. These, not so much. However, with that flaw, this is a solid set. The black jersey works nicely with the black helmet, just like Oakland’s set. The red trim is also a nice touch. Not bad.

7. Minnesota Vikings– Well, gold is making a bold statement on these jerseys. Instead of horns, the Viking logo is placed on both sides on a golden helmet with a purple stripe. The word “Vikings” is on the front in purple on the purple top. On the sides of this top, there is gold. However, this is switched on the pants, as the main color is gold with purple sides. Overall: I’m mixed. I kind of like the gold helmet, but again I don’t because of the lack of horns. Do you know of many teams that can pull that off instead of just placing a logo on the helmet? I do not like how the jersey colors just switch from the top to the pants. The numbers are nice, but having the word “Vikings” with purple letters is very tough to see on a mainly purple top. Not the worst, but certainly not the best.

8. New York Jets-Revenge of the Throwback logo II: The Jet Stops Here! Lame joke out of the way, the main color appearing on the top is black, instead of green or white. There are the “Jet Stripes” on the shoulders again, along with the “Jets” logo that actually has a jet on it on the helmet. Overall: Nice! I do like the black jerseys for the New York Jets, as well as the helmet logo making a return. I’m not sure if I should also comment on the fact that the color on the jersey doesn’t continue on the pants since that was a main issue for me with Minnesota’s set.

9. Philadelphia Eagles– Hey look, it’s the Oregon Ducks jersey design! On the shoulders are eagle wings, just like Oregon’s current set. The helmets maintain the current set of wings and switches out the helmet color to silver. There is a new font in place and it looks like it is off-angle (it looks like the numbers are angled up or rotated instead of centered.) The Eagle green is kept on the pants and jersey top. Overall: I’m not a fan of the helmet color swap and I’m most certainly not a fan of the wings. Just because the University of Oregon has them doesn’t mean you should. Ranting aside, these are okay. At least the Eagles won’t have that silly numbering font that UO has. Same thing with the Vikings: Not the worst but certainly not the best design.

10. Denver Broncos– Remember that logo Denver had before 1997 rolled around? This design does! On the helmet, the old horse spreads a light beam out of a D (I don’t get it either.) Do you remember the graphical upgrade Denver had in 1997? This design does! It retains the fonts on the jersey, along with the orange top. Overall: It’s okay, but it’s weird seeing the two designs mesh. You see this style on the jerseys Denver wears now. You seen the new helmet designs before the late 1990’s. Then again, the Jets did this too didn’t they? Not sure how I feel with the white helmet and the orange top.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars– Yes, there are two designs. The first one (click Jacksonville) has either a new logo or the old Jaguar logo with the print scooped out of it on the black helmets. On the black top, there are thin cyan lines on the shoulders. The number font is different from anything in the league (or in the pros.) There is Jaguar fur print on the sides closer to the pants. There is a cyan belt, but other than that it’s mostly black, white, and gold. The second design (click Jaguars) is all cyan, minus the helmet. I can’t see what is on the helmet, but I think it is a new logo. There is a tall font on the front, but is white with gold trim. On the undershirt, there is Jaguar fur print. Overall: No way, no thanks. These makes me look back at the Bengals jerseys and think they are fantastic…okay that was a lie. I don’t like either of them and I couldn’t pick one if I was forced to. The first one has a font that you should only see at an aisle marker in a store, not on a professional sporting jersey as it just looks too kiddish. I’m not a fan of the Jaguar print on the sides or the logo on the helmet. The second one doesn’t appeal to me as well, since the numbers are white on a cyan color. Again, the jaguar fur print doesn’t flatter the jersey. I’ll pass on both, thanks.

12. Kansas City Chiefs– Again, two designs. The first one (Kansas City) is a radical change, as the helmets abandon the arrowhead logo and use feathers instead over a white helmet. Just like the Eagles new set, these have feathers on the shoulders. The top is red with white numbers (again, new font) and gold trimmings. The second one (Chiefs) keeps the current arrowhead logo but mirrors it on the helmet. Instead of a red helmet, we now have a gold one to match the pants. There still remains a red top with gold numbers and white trimmings. Overall: Meh. The first one irks me simply because of the feathers on the helmet and jersey. Just like the Patriots usage of the American flag, I think it’s cheesy. Granted, it is relevant to the history of the franchise (see this picture from Sports Logos dot net.) I’m not a fan of the number font on the first set as well. The second set is okay, but I don’t like the mirrored arrowhead or the gold helmet with the red top. I’m kind of surprises to not see a golden top drawn in either set, but it is nice to keep it red. I think I like the second set better.

13. Finally, the Saint Louis Rams. This new set sucks most of the gold out of the scheme and keeps it mainly blue and white. Granted, there are gold strains on the jersey, but barely visible on the picture. The horns are now blue instead of gold and the helmet is now white, which is a reversing of the old L.A. helmets. The pants are white and have the team logo on the right side near the top. Overall: not too bad, but I would have really loved to see the return of the yellow and blue scheme born in Los Angeles. I think the helmet colors should be swapped, at least if they were going for a throwback feel. To be honest, these aren’t bad.

I know I’m leaving out the other teams, but out of the thirteen: I really think that I like the Raiders and Jets the best, followed by Atlanta, New England, and St. Louis. The ones I don’t like at all include Jacksonville (both), Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. Keep in mind, the bold comments are my thoughts and you most certainly don’t need to agree. You might hate the ones I like, which is perfectly okay.

Now, after reading through my thirteen picks, you would think these are going to happen, right? Wrong. These are fan arts that were leaked. By sources, these will not represent the changes that will occur for the Nike takeover. When a friend first showed them to me, I had to question if this was truly going to happen. Luckily, we were wrong as these are just drawings. According the the article by Yahoo! Sports, Nike says these are not real. It will be interesting to see how Nike takes over for Reebok.

If you want to see all the teams, go to this site. The only team you won’t be able to see is the Chargers, because the link takes you to the Colts picture again. Some links take you to other teams, so keep a sharp eye out.  If you want to see the drawings, look online for them.

Last point of the post: I know people do say this, but I know jerseys don’t make the team. It’s the players that wear the jerseys that make the team. That being said, let us be thankful that we have 32 teams to watch during the NFL season.

Happy Thanksgiving readers! Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Future Jersey Shore

  1. Ryan Williams

    I like these uniforms.. I think we are ready for a change. yes some of those Nike Combat uniforms are in need of a change like the Bengals and Patriots and Steelers.. Overall I would be thrilled if that was the new NFL uniforms

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