The Blue Cannons

Greetings readers,

If you haven’t heard, the Columbus Blue Jackets have a third jersey out now. If you haven’t seen it, take a look.

The new logo is circular, with the words “Columbus Blue Jackets” around a blue cannon. On the bottom is a star.

In my opinion, these are nice jerseys and a great way to “roll out the heavy artillery.” With two types of blue (Union and Steel), Vintage White, and Capital Silver, these jerseys ditch the red seen in the main logo (mainly on the Ohio flag.)

With the third jersey, Columbus joins several teams in the NHL that already have a third. If you read this article from Bleacher Report, you’ll see some of the alternatives that were worn last year. Also, the New York Rangers debuted a new alternative jersey this season as well.

The alternatives have a different font than the regular home and away sets. This set will be worn on the road three times and at home. If you like to find out the schedule, give the “check it out” link another click (on the bottom of the page.)

To be honest, when I first heard about the new alternative, I was hoping Columbus would get a red top, despite Detroit being the Red Wings. I understand why the Jackets went with the blue (not just because of Detroit, but because of the team’s salute for the Union army in the Civil War.) These jerseys look nice and will debut against the Red Wings on the 26th, at Nationwide Arena.

Until next time,


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