Challenge this, Grasshopper!

Greetings readers,

Today’s topic is about challenges in the NFL. For the last couple of weeks, there’s been talk that the challenge portion needs fixing. If you don’t know, currently the system gives the head coach two chances to challenge a play that deals with catches in-boards, fumbles, down on the field, etc. When the play is reviewed, everything is looked at. Both teams get two to start with, but teams can get a free challenge if their coach wins two challenges. If a play is upheld, the team that issued the challenge loses a timeout.

After the two minute warning, the officials on the field are the only ones that can review plays.

For the past few weeks, television broadcasters have been calling for an update on the system. Some say more challenges need to be added.

Why would you want to add more challenges? That would stretch the waiting more. Maybe it would help the networks sell more advertising, but it’s torture to wait on a challenge ruling. Not giving any challenges and scrapping the entire system leaves more room for coaches to complain and fines to be issued for comments on refs.

Two challenges a half or one challenge per quarter would possibly drag the game out as well.

It’s a tough decision to make, this one. Not everyone will like the results. You know the saying “If it’s broke, don’t fix it?” Well, that’s my stance on the whole thing. I say be thankful you have two challenges to start out with. What you call with them is part of the whole coaching job.

It will be interesting to see if this does change or talked about.

Until next time,


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