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Greetings readers,

Before diving into this topic, I want to say I’m a fan of sports. While I certainly don’t know everything about the vast subject, I am interested in learning and watching the games. I believe it doesn’t matter who you are, what gender you are, or what ethnicity you are to appreciate any sport.

That said, here’s what I bring up today.

There is a new site called that is geared towards women. You can read more about the new site here.

If you compare the new site to the one, the original site is more busy sharing what just happen and what is scheduled for the league. The news links are on the right side of the page, right next to the big stories near the center. If you scroll down, you’ll reach the blogs and some insider posts that requires a paid membership (sorry, I’m too cheap to do that.) The main colors on is red and silver/white.

On the site geared towards women, there are more colors to be seen such as orange, blue, and gold. The site resembles a blog, as there is no bar on the top of the page telling you what is coming up. The news stories are published in a single column, hence looking like a blog. On the top of the page is what happened last night and it continues on with the stories that are deemed important.

Most of the staffers and contributors currently work for ESPN. Some include Sage Steele, who is a regular anchor on SportsCenter and Melissa Jacobs, who has an award-winning NFL site at To see the full list, give this site a try.

In my honest opinion, I think that the site is unnecessary for women fans. I think if there are sports fans that are female, they’ll watch ESPN and I understand what they were trying to accomplish to try to bring more females to the scene of sports, but at the same time it could be considered a black eye to the female fans. Why is it people feel that if women want to like sports they need to be talk down to? Women are perfectly capable of working in sports, sportscasting and sports reporting, and just being fans of sports. History will say that sports were just for men, but I feel we are moving out (or have moved out) of those times. Women are just as smart and capable of grasping the rules as men are.

If you look back on the first link, there have been many Twitter posts that have bashed the whole idea, saying it is just to “dumb” down the fans. One said that the campaign was similar to New Coke’s run.

I know from my time at the college radio station and my internship with the Troy Bruins that there are plenty of women involved in sports. They are just as passionate (sometimes even more passionate) than the male counterparts. I feel that ESPN is for any fan, no matter what gender. I do understand what they were trying to do (or at least would like to believe I know) but it just comes out wrong.

Sports are for everybody that wants to like them.

Until next time,


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