Diff’rent Hats

Greetings readers,

Today’s topic is going back to the design portion of sports. As you all know, there are colors used for each team. Usually comprising around two or three, color palettes usually have some meaning to the team.

Today, when you walk into a sports store you will see replicas of the same hats that the athletes wear (for baseball and sometimes football, anyways.) However, what about the other merchandise with that same logo and different colors?

That’s the topic for today.

I’m near the Cincinnati market, as you might know. The majority of the baseball gear is for the Reds fans. Football is sort of mixed, due to the Browns’ long history in Cleveland and Cincinnati not arriving on the scene until the 60’s. There’s a nice selection of sports shops, especially in the Northern Cincinnati malls. There’s one store that I like going through called Cincy Shops, where it has a ton of ball cap hats to choose from, for pros and colleges. I guess you can say that’s why I chose to write this blog.

It seems like any store that carries a boat-load of hats always has the ones the players wear, but then has hats with different colors and different logos. The hat you see as the blog picture is one example. I know once upon a time, the Reds did have blue in their color scheme. However, they never had cyan during a time where it was popular to have. There are a few hats that take the “Wishbone C” logo and move it off-center of the hat. There was a design which took the away jersey script that the Reds wore until 2007 (sadly, I can’t find it online.) There’s some hats that use the Mr. RedLegs logo as the centerpiece of the hat. There’s a load of color mixes as well and not just for the Reds. The weirdest hat I saw online has to be a tie between a purple Reds hat and a Reds hat with ear flaps (it’s built like a ballcap except with ear flaps.)

You can find many more of these creations at your hat store in the mall or online. The site I used to find most of these is lids.com.

The main point of this article is not to spot all the hats or give out free advertising, but to rather question why the need for all of these designs. Should there really be an endless supply of hats? What was wrong with the styles that the teams wore? Why is it acceptable to use another team’s color scheme (let’s say, the Pittsburgh Pirates gold and black) and use another team’s logo (the Reds, who are red and white/black)? Maybe I’m just old-fashioned and think that these gimmicks in merchandise aren’t necessary. Of course, you the reader aren’t me and maybe these are the things you and the general people want. You do have to acknowledge the fact that you can’t say “Oh, they don’t have any styles of hats.” You do have a lot to choose from online, but the store experiences will vary. It also helps to be a fan of your team and shop around that area.

People continue to buy hats, so it’s not an issue but rather just an observation. To add one last positive point, at least with all the hats there is variety out there so you don’t see the same hat over and over again.

As a final closing note, there are camouflage football jerseys. Don’t believe me? Instead of continuing on with the article, I’ll end it at this. Why?

Until next time,


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