All in the Dome

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By now you should be aware of the Metrodome roof breaking open, allowing tons of snow to fall on the Mall of America Field. If you didn’t see the footage, give this video a try.

The only team still playing in the Metrodome are the Minnesota Vikings. The Twins moved out and played at Target Field this past MLB season and the Golden Gophers have played at TCF Bank Stadium since 2009.

According to this article by WDIV in Detroit, this is not the first time the roof ripped because of too much snow. It’s happened a few times in the 80’s.

This is also not the first time where a dome roof has failed. If you go back to my article about the Kingdome (and yes, I plan on talking about more old stadiums, I promise), you know that the roof failed there too. When the Expos played in Montreal, a big chunk of the roof fell onto the playing field.

It’s a shame that the roof had to tear that fateful day, as it broke the 297 games in a row started by Brett Favre. It’s the game where the Giants of New York defeated the “home” Vikings in Detroit, Michigan 21-3. The result could have been different in Minnesota, but we’ll never know.

Are domes more dangerous than open-air stadiums? While you do have the roof to worry about, it does make it a nice place to avoid the weather. The problem is, if there are places that do get a ton of snow, should we worry about this happening again?

Luckily, there was nobody on the field when the roof broke. They will try to patch the roof before the next game against the Chicago Bears, but I don’t think it’ll be a fast process. While the Vikings are knocked out of contention, they still deserve a home field advantage in their last few games.

Could this be the straw that draws Minnesota a new stadium or a relocation?

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