Fixing the Tiger Cage

Greetings readers,

Today’s post is about the Cincinnati Bengals. As you know, the Bengals are currently losers of their last ten games. With a 2-11 record, saying this season is a disappointment is being too kind. After sweeping the AFC North last year and keeping virtually the same team, expectations were sky high. Cincy started off 2-1, with a loss to the New England Patriots. However, it started to snowball down with a loss to the Browns in Cleveland. The Bengals are winless since late September.

Currently Cincinnati is second to last in the NFL, only ahead of the Carolina Panthers (1-12). The Bengals are 24th out of 32 teams on total offense and 21st in total defense. Also, The Bengals are 15th in passing yards but 30th in rushing yards. With that last sentence, it’s clear that the running game isn’t working and it forces the offense to keep passing.

If you read this article from the Bleacher Report, you will see why (or should) the Bengals are done trying with Carson Palmer. Along with that one, check out what Terrell Owens says about the owner and coaches.

So, who do you blame for this horrendous season?

You can blame the owner, you can blame the coaching staff, or you can blame the players. You can blame a combination of all or any three. Blaming gets you nowhere, however. What do you do to fix this?

One possible way is to get rid of the expiring contracts and old players that have seen better days. Eat up some contracts, whatever you have to do. Bring in fresh, new offensive players. Granted, you’ll have a growing pain with new players straight out of college trying to muscle their way into the Sunday life, but you’ll have the talent. You could also try trading out on the market. Also, trying new plays and going for it (smartly, not on 4th and 20 on your own 15) is a boost. New offensive tactics with fresh players could make a difference.

Another step is to make sure the defense will be back on the field healthier than ever. I think Mike Zimmer has done a nice job this season, and I will use the last game in Pittsburgh. There wasn’t any offensive touchdowns scored by the Steelers. However, when Palmer threw those pick-sixes, it turned the score upside-down for the Bengals.

You could add all the players you wanted, but what if it’s a fault in coaching? Like I previously touched on, you can’t be so predictable on the offense that teams know what to expect before. What if these losing season have piled up on you and you’ve mentally given up? It would be time for a fresh start, for both the coach and players. New sometimes works.

I know I probably should talk about it, but I won’t touch the whole ownership issue as there’s a whole site for that at They do a great job on debunking on why Mike Brown is just in it for the cash and why he’ll go cheap for anything. Hats off, WDR!

You might be wondering why I wrote this article. This is my first NFL team that I follow and one that I always will follow (the other one being the New England Patriots.) I guess you can say I want to see my team succeed more than just a few years at a time. Call me a fan that wants to win but wants to stay neutral and open to any ideas to make this team better.

Until next time,


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