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You might have read this article already, but the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is calling out one of his players. It’s Baron Davis receiving the criticism from Donald Sterling.

As you know, the Clippers have had a history of losing. Only a few winning seasons in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Buffalo (as the Braves.) The Blue and Red have to share the 2nd biggest market with the Purple and Gold Lakers, not to mention the same arena in the Staples Center. The Clippers are 6-21 after a win in Detroit. That record can be considered as a huge disappointment with a new head coach and better talent on the court.

Donald T. Sterling has owned the franchise since 1981 back when the Clippers played in San Diego. He lobbied to the NBA to move the franchise to Los Angeles in 1984. While there is a rumor that Sterling wants to sell the franchise, he has been spending a lot more money lately ever since snagging Elton Brand. Currently, he has written a big paycheck for Baron Davis.

It’s rare for owners to publicly criticize, but it’s common for owners to do so in the privacy away from today’s hungry media and leagues wanting to fine.

So the question is this: is Sterling right or is Davis receiving too harsh of criticism?

Let’s look at Baron Davis’ stats. A graduate of UCLA, this Bruins product averages 8.3 points per game, 2.4 rebounds per game, and 5.8 assists per game. With eleven years of experience on the court, Davis is averaging 23.9 minutes per game in the month of December. In November, he only played ten minutes in a game against the Hornets in New Orleans. In three games in October, Davis was averaging 33 minutes per game, not playing any less than 32 minutes. With that being said, November was not kind to Davis.

Davis is shooting around 35% on the season, with an icy cold 18.8% for the three. On the free throws, the UCLA product is shooting 67.9%.

Granted, Davis doesn’t have the eye-popping numbers. However, he takes the rookies under his wing and mentors them. These rookies include Blake Griffin, who is expected to continue having a monster year. Along for the ride under Davis’s wing is Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu. So Davis does help out when he can while injured. It’s not something you’ll see on the stats, but something you can see on the court.

The 31-year-old has admitted he’d like to play until he’s 38 on this article from ESPN. If he actually gets to that point though is another story.

So wherever you choose to believe Sterling’s in the right or being classless, it’s happening. In the public eye (and ear.)

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2 thoughts on “Sterling Sez

  1. Sports Zone Report

    Love your sports blog. I come here all the time. Keep up the great news on sports. I have a question, do you get your own news info yourself because it look pretty unique unlike the copy and paste ones that you see everywhere.

    1. theleewmowen Post author

      Thanks for the support! Sorry about the delayed response, but I do appreciate the support!

      To answer your question, I do a lot of research whenever I write an article. I try to avoid Wikipedia as best as I can, just because it’s often edited incorrectly. I get most of my info from ESPN and online newspaper sites. When I get my information, I try my best to re-word the article to avoid plagiarism.

      I often don’t credit my sources, but I know I should start doing it more.

      Again, thank you for the support!


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