A Blizzard of Shooters

Happy new year, readers! I do apologize for not being present since December 23rd, but I took a little break. I come back for 2011 with a post for those who can dig hockey.

As you know, I love sports. I love professional teams, I love amateur teams: I am a fan of sports. The way that athletes move through the system is the blood that keeps sports kicking (bad pun not intended.)

As you might know, I have an internship with the Troy Bruins of the All American Hockey League. The conference comprises five teams, with one in Northwest Indiana and the other four in Ohio and Michigan (from Cincinnati to Battle Creek, Michigan to be exact.)

One team relocated before the season began and one team folded for the season. Those two teams are the same franchise, first planning to play as the Madison (Wisconsin) Ice Muskies and then relocating to Wooster to play as the Korn Kings. After five games and going 0-3 on the road, Wooster would see no more hockey as a member of the AAHL.

Recently, the Indiana Blizzard said goodbye as a team. There’s a twist to this, as the League recently re-welcomed the Chi-Town Shooters. The Shooters claim mostly everything Indiana had, such as the team and arena. They will still play in Dyer, Indiana, about 20 minutes away from Chicago and a blink away from the Illinois State Line. One difference will be the Head Coach, as the Shooters welcome back Darren Seid. Before the Shooters returned to play, Seid was an athlete for the Battle Creek Revolution. The last head coach Sergei Kharin was recently released, according to the AAHL web site.

If you are not familiar with the tale of the Shooters, let me give you a brief history. Since 2008, Chi-Town was a proud member in the AAHL. In those two years, the Shooters won 62 out of 88 games played, along with six of nine in the playoffs. One time, the Dayton Gems of the International Hockey League were affiliated with this AAHA (All American Hockey Association) squad.

The nickname is based on the casinos around the South Shore area.

Before the switch, Indiana was fifth in the AAHL, only one spot ahead of the long-defunct Wooster Korn Kings. The Blizzard went 1-1 in their last games, with a win at Troy and a loss at home to Battle Creek. Before the game in Ohio, the Blizzard only won one road game.

Chi-Town’s first game back is Friday the 7th against Loggers of Lapeer. Their first home game is against the Storm of Queen City on the 8th. The first time the Bruins are scheduled to see the Shooters in Troy is February 5th.

Welcome back, Chi-Town.

Until next time,


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