The Shot Seen ’round The Internet

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In the game of basketball, the skill of shooting the basketball into a hoop is important. There’s many ways of putting the ball in, like the hook shot, one-hand shot, and the dunk. Anyone that knows basketball is aware of this and won’t be learning anything out of the sentence.

About 99.9% of the shots are done when the shooter faces the hoop. This post is about the 0.1%.

The game was part of Preble Shawnee’s Holiday Tournament, where the home Arrows faced the Twin Valley South Panthers. With the Panthers hailing from West Alexandria, these schools are right next to each other. In fact, these schools are both near State Route 503. Some differences between PS and TVS is that Preble Shawnee isn’t in one town, but rather it supports three small villages (Gratis, Camden, and West Elkton.) Preble Shawnee belongs to the Southwestern Buckeye League (SWBL), where as Twin Valley South is a member of the CCC (Cross County Conference.)

The Dayton Daily News has an article up about how this shot has been a sensation around YouTube and other sites of the internet. The video is here.

I’ll briefly explain what happened. In Ohio High School basketball, there is no shot clock. The senior Austin Groff had a few seconds left in the quarter near the scorer’s table. With the buzzer close, the shot was thrown in the air, towards the hoop. It went through and both sides exploded.

We’ve seen half-court shots, such as Cleveland State beating Syracuse with one (there’s others, but this also is close to my time at Wright State.) We’ve seen some weird shots go in. Where does this rank with your shots seen? I will admit, I was seriously impressed with this shot. It takes skill to shoot the ball, but from that distance and not facing the hoop is another challenge of its own.

Twin Valley South went on to lost the game to the Preble Shawnee Arrows by a score of 61-58.

The Arrows basketball program has been solid the past few seasons, and the Panthers as well. It’s always nice to have some positive attention come to the quiet side of Ohio in Preble County…and it all happened before two high schools eyes.

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