Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Eleven

Greetings readers,

It’s been a long time since my last Sportscasters Anonymous article. In fact, Volume Ten was published on October 27th, 2010. Things have changed since then, with the most important thing being retired from my Sports Director job at WWSU. While I might not be in charge of sportscasters anymore, I still feel I can offer something to the interested reader. After all, I know of a sportscaster that helped me once. Okay, I know of many that helped me out many times, but you got my point.

Today’s SA talks about statistics. Stats, if you will.

While broadcasting is not just “I have a stats sheet, I’m reading off numbers”, it is a crucial part. Who’s the leading scorer, what’s the score, who’s got the goals, etc… It’s important to be thankful for a stat crew, if you are lucky to have one. Granted, there’s some levels of sports that don’t do statistics and you actually have to record them yourself (GASP! Not work in this field!)

At my new internship with the Dayton Air Strikers, I assist the statistician on who did what. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I make it similar to a basic broadcast. Instead of names, I use the numbers instead. Instead of describing the action, I call the basic plays.

Why am I talking about this? If you help with stats, you have a better feel for the game. I know that doing even one game makes me feel more confident in taking the microphone for the next broadcast.

If you can get any experience doing this, the better you’ll become. If you don’t do it for the team, do it for the broadcasters. If not them, do it for yourself. While having software would be nice, there are scorebooks for basketball and baseball for the observer to record.

The more experience, the better.

Until next time,


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