Maize Fire Sale

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Let me ask you something. If you coached a team and had a bunch of gear and merchandise, what would you do with all of it? Keep it as a reminder on what not to do as a coach? Give it to a family member or a fan? Burn it and cruse everyone around you because you think you’re God’s gift to coaching? How about donate it to a Salvation Army?

That’s what former head coach Rich Rodriguez did. After three years of coaching the Michigan Wolverines, the former West Virginia coach was fired and replaced by Brady Hoke.

Off an another article from ESPN, it sounds like it was a successful sale for that store, with 300-some Wolverines fans made it to the store.

I must say, this is something I’ve never heard of happening. Of course, we’ve seen coaches released, but have we ever heard of someone being nice and helping out a good cause?

Rodriguez ended up giving around 432 items to the Wayne, Michigan store, which is 15 miles southwest of Detroit. 161 out of 432 items were put up for auction, whereas the rest were put up for sale.

I could go on and explain who bought what and a couple who spent over $1,000, but that’s not the point. It’s a nice gesture to donate your gear, especially when some can consider those three years to be the worst three years in Michigan history. It’s nice to see some of the Wolverine fanbase still support Rodriguez and help out a business as well. Will other coaches do this in the future? Maybe.

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