Sportscasters Anonymous – Volume Twelve

Greetings readers, welcome back to Sportscasters Anonymous.

Today’s topic: watching/listening to other sportscasts.

I know I’ve probably touched on this issue many times, but it’s always going to be an important topic in this field. You’ll never be perfect and you’ll always have room to grow.

What’s one simple way of doing this? Record your broadcasts and listen to them. With this technique, you hear yourself (and hopefully get used to your voice) and can find the errors. I don’t mean just errors on saying names or saying something correctly, but how many times their were gaps, how the flow went, and the like.

Studying up before a game usually helps iron out the hiccups, but the way to get a flow is to record or watch a game and mute all of the sounds, then have a dry run at the broadcast to pick up the flow of the game.

There’s always a way to fix your mistakes. Making mistakes are what makes us human; how you fix them makes you an excellent sportscaster.

Until next time,


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