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Greetings readers,

I recently bought the book “Win Forever”, wrote by current Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Being a fan of Coach Carroll at Southern California, I wanted to get the book. However, I had to buy it online just because I’m also a fan of saving money.

The book, written by Pete Carroll with Yogi Roth (a former assistant with Carroll at USC), is split up into a couple of parts. From the early days, to the start of his NFL coaching career, and to his second crack at being a head coach in New England takes up the beginning.

During the beginning, he doesn’t have his coaching philosophy written down (advice given to him when we worked in Arkansas if I’m remembering right.) Even without this, he still cared about the players and wasn’t seen as a coach that just wanted to yell and make players feel bad for mistakes. He got two head coaching chances before snagging the Southern California job with the Jets and Patriots.

After a 6-10 season with New York, Carroll was fired and replaced with Kotite. He’d later have a three year stint with the New England Patriots before being replaced by Bill Belichick in 2000.

This is where the philosophy begins. He talks about what he plans out and (without spoiling too much of the book) he learns that he is a competitor. He then goes step-by-step plotting out his philosophy and then uses it to get the head coaching job at USC.

During the latter of the book, he goes over everyday practices and saying moments that made him happy to be the coach at USC. He doesn’t go over every single game, but he covers a few that have a special place (yes, he does talk about winning over Ohio State 35-3.) There’s even a whole chapter labeled “Fourth and Nine” which deals with a game I won’t say because I won’t spoil the whole book.

At the end of the book, he goes over things that don’t depend on football, but on life. Yes, the philosophy isn’t just used in coaching but it can be used to find who you are in life. Before the conclusion section, he writes “You too can Win Forever.”

Overall: this is a great book to pick up. I know some of you might be saying “Didn’t he cheat at USC?” or “How’d USC do in their bowl *snicker*”, which is fine. I am a fan of Coach Carroll and have been since the 55-19 win over Oklahoma. No matter what your opinion is on that whole mess, it’s still a great read. Yes, some ideas are from John Wooden. Some amazon.com reviews say that this book is almost like John Wooden’s book updated for 2010. Carroll admits that some ideas are from his book too. Either way, this book opens your eyes on ways to always compete. The coach also lists some of his childhood heroes and how they always competed.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would. It is a good read for football fans, for Pete Carroll fans, and for others that want to learn about how coaches tick. In bookstores, this book will run you about $27 plus tax. Online, I bought mine for $17 (shipping and all.)

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