Send Us Sonics

Greetings readers,

“Change your profile pictures if you want the Seattle Supersonics back!” According to this article, if you change your picture, that will force the NBA to bring a team to the state of Washington. Will this work in the long run?

While I had the All-Star game on the TV, I found the movie Sonicsgate online and decided to watch that. I knew losing the basketball team hurt a lot of the fans in Seattle and the nation, but I don’t think I’ve truly knew what was missing.

You might be asking why this is a topic for me in my blog. I think it’s neat that people are teaming up for a cause to bring a historic franchise back to a city. I wasn’t a fan of the team moving to Oklahoma City. To me, it seems like a random place to have a professional team. Then again, look at Portland and Sacramento. I know I’ve mentioned the issue of getting new arenas or moving to another market. However, this is about taking arguably Seattle’s best team and moving it somewhere else.

With all the social networking today, it’s easier for people to contact their favorite athletes, teams, news and sports media. While it certainly worked for Egypt’s movement to remove their leader, can it really work in the sports world?

Will Seattle ever see another NBA franchise? I hope so, but time will tell. Will changing your Facebook picture to a logo of the Supersonics bring the team back? Possibly.

Speaking on teams moving from their current home, that seems like it’ll be a theme this week. Not to spoil anything, but there’s another team on the Western front that might make a move.

To close out the article, I’m going to recommend you the reader to watch Sonicsgate when you can (I mention when you can, because it’s roughly two hours.)

Source of information from the Bleacher Report. The entire movie “Sonicsgate” can be seen in its entirety on and YouTube.

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