A Conference of Their Own

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There’s drama down in the Cincinnati area High School scene. The Winton Woods Warriors, who currently play in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference, are claiming that a new conference won’t let them in because of race (the story here and another one here, both from cincinnati.com.)

The Eastern Cincinnati Conference (ECC) will begin playing sports in 2012-2013, absorbing seven bigger teams out of the FAVC. Winton Woods is not one of them. There’s another conference being formed with the smaller schools of the FAVC, called the Southwest Ohio Conference, but this isn’t relevant to the topic at hand today.

Winton Woods High School lies near the corner of Kemper and Winton Road. The location is close to both the Tri-County Mall in Springdale (and the Princeton school district) and the old Forest Fair Mall closer to Fairfield. Both Winton Woods and Fairfield lie near the same road (the road makes a few name changes first before curving over to Fairfield.)

According to their website, there are 3,500 students in the district from three districts including Forest Park, Greenhills, and Springfield Township. The Warriors joined the FAVC in 1998, the same year that Anderson High School joined.

From the second article, there is some stats from the 2009-2010 report card for all the high schools in Ohio. This is where I am getting my stats, so if I wrote something wrong, I got them from the article or wrote them incorrectly.

Winton Woods was at the Continuing Improvement level,  whereas everyone else in the FAVC was at an Excellent level, even four teams that either turned down an offer to join the ECC or was rumored to be asked (including Springboro and Lebanon, currently in the GWOC.) Continuing with the numbers and stats, Winton Woods was the only school mentioned on the list to not complete all twelve State Indicators.

Now, let’s get to the issue claimed by Winton Woods: race. I’m reading off the same stats from the second article from cincinnati.com. Winton Woods is made up of 1,113 students, with 14.9% white students and 70.5% black students, which is tops on the list. In the next column, Winton Woods has around 40% with a Economy Disadvantage (it doesn’t define it from there.) Lastly, WW leads those schools mentioned in Students with Disabilities with a 18.8% clip. Out of all those categories mentioned, Winton Woods is tops in all but the percentage of white students.

Location-wise, Winton Woods is closer to Northwest High School, which is right down the road near U.S. Route 127. If they did get into the ECC, the closest school would be Loveland, which is a few miles east on I-275. By few miles, I mean you past I-75 and I-71 and a few more exits and there you go. All schools are east of Interstate 71, with some near Five Mile Road, Batavia, and Milford. Remember, Winton Woods is west of I-75, so traveling could be a pain for those schools listed. Then again, why would you ask Harrison High School, when they are close to the Indiana State Line? If Sycamore High School said yes, that would have been a nice fit, travel-wise at least.

To wrap this post up, I just want to mention I am writing this because it is an issue. I don’t know if the ECC really is keeping Winton Woods out because of race, travel, or the stats listed on the 2009-2010 school report cards. I did mention the stats and I also mentioned that Winton Woods is a bit of a hike for the schools east of I-71 (which is all of them.)

There’s still plenty of time to get this issue resolved, since the FAVC has one more season before those teams splitting say goodbye. Will Winton Woods become the 8th team in the ECC or will the Warriors find another home within another conference? Only time will tell.

Source of information and picture from cincinnati.com. The first article was written by Mike Dyer and the second one (with the stats) was written by Scott Springer. Information on Winton Woods is from wintonwoods.org.

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