Concussed Out II – Madden and Co.

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It’s no secret how popular the Madden series is to the sports video game world. Year after year, it’s the football game most people buy to play as their favorite team. Whatever your opinion is on video games based on sports, you can’t deny that Madden is the king of the NFL games.

There’s been some additions to the series, such as the quarterback sights, making custom teams and players, and many more features. Concussions could be another feature to the series.

From ESPN, that move is supported by John Madden himself. This feature would teach people about the effects of concussions. The President of EA Sports Peter Moore said that it wasn’t fair to have concussed players return after one quarter.

One of my favorite parts of the article is Madden telling the New York Times that it’ll be an osmosis effect, teaching others the effects of concussions.

Along with the concussion effects, helmet-to-helmet tackles are excluded from Madden ’12. “…if we show players playing through concussions, then kids won’t understand.”

I like the changes planned, as it shows an effort to stay in touch with the game today. Luckily there is no Lockout Mode in the game. Like I previously mentioned, you could be a person that questions why sports games are constantly remade or you could be a die-hard that picks up every single game possible, these changes are actually important. According to the article, you can expect this new game in August, even if the teams are still locked out.

Source of information from ESPN.

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