Field of Taxes

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If you are a citizen of Warren County in Ohio, you might want to take a look at this. Pretty soon, you might have an outdoor sports complex along with higher taxes. When I say higher taxes, I mean a 1% rise in the “bed” tax (or the lodging tax as referenced in the Dayton Daily News) for 20 years.

According to the article, the complex would be off of State Route 741 (on the picture, it’s the middle road west of Lebanon heading north/south.) It doesn’t say where at on 741, though. It will be north of Mason and south of Red Lion for sure, since those two areas fall out of the township lines. I’m guessing it would be a few minutes north of Mason just south of the train tracks, since there’s a lot of open space there (if you don’t know where I’m talking about, that’s okay. It’s south of S.R. 63.)

Regardless of location, this is both a good and bad thing for Warren County. While lodging taxes go up 1% for twenty years, you bring a sports complex into the area where tournaments and playoffs can be held. The more tournaments you have, the more money you can get teams to spend on lodging. That does bring in money to the county and the state. On the negative side, it cuts out more farm land (if it’s the location I’m describing.)

State legislators need to approve the increase.

One thing I hope the field doesn’t become is a deserted field. There’s a baseball complex just west of West Carrollton that’s been abandoned for a few years now. I was going to write about this, but I’m not finding any source of information on that park. That’s another story for another day though.

With that being said, you might see a new sports complex soon, if the tax increase is improved.

Source of information from the Dayton Daily News and Google Maps (picture.)

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