100 Posts of Sports in the Mowen Years

Greetings readers,

One hundred posts! I have wasted WordPress space exactly 100 times. Hopefully people have enjoyed what I offered throughout the posts.

So I’ve spent a lot of time deciding what I wanted to do. Then it hit me, as now I turn 23 today. Why not make it about stuff I could wish for and explain why? I can provide a few things that I’d like to see happen in sports. I can also give a thank you to all the readers, but not right now. You’ll have to read that for later.

1. I want the new NHL team to be named the Winnipeg Jets. I think the city deserves to have their team come back, even though it’s run number two. While there’s been a few articles saying how the term “Whiteout” has been copyrighted by True North, it could mean a few things. One: the team could be called the Winnipeg Whiteout(s). Two: that could be a phrase copyrighted for certain nights, or possibly all of them. Whatever the case may be, I still hope to the return of the Jets. Bringing back the Hartford Whalers and the Quebec Nordiques would be nice too, but one thing at a time (and different issues, while we’re at it.)

2. I want to be assured that we’ll never have an event like “Turn Ahead the Clock” again. I have to give props to Uni Watch for reminding me of these jerseys existed at one point, with their article on the Batting Practice jerseys for the All Star Game in 2011. I understand that seeing into the future is an exciting adventure (that’s why Back to the Future II is my favorite movie out of the trilogy.) However, how can you tell that those style of jerseys will be the norm? How do we know that the franchises will exist into those years? (The Mariners were celebrating their 50th, in 2026, I think. It’s floating somewhere on the internet.) Since it’s baseball, stick to the classics.

3. I want to get a full-time broadcasting job very soon. It’s a night and day difference being out of college and not broadcasting at least one game a week. While I do have a broadcasting job with the Dayton Air Strikers, it’s only for seven or eight games. I can’t tell you how much I love broadcasting, but I just want a full-time job where I can prove I belong in the field.

4. I’m going to end this list quietly, as I’d like to see a store (not online, but an actual physical store) somewhere near me in Southwestern Ohio that sells sports stuff from other teams that are no longer with us and some historical merchandise. To sum it all up, merchandise from all around the sports frame. I’d like to pick up a shirt to show my support of Winnipeg coming back, followed by a shirt with an old Reds logo. Does one such place exist? Probably, and I’m probably going to have a ton of suggestions later on.

To wrap up the list, I will say I recently bought a Reds jersey for $5 in Miamisburg. It’s a Chris Sabo jersey, around the 1988-1990 season. There was a few dirt spots, but they were no match for my awesome laundry skills.

To wrap this whole post up, I want to say thank you to all the readers. I know my posting schedule has gone out of whack, but that’s mainly because I have three jobs taking 96% of my time. I still try to write something, though. It’s been a nice 100 post ride.

Next special post will be in July, as I will have crossed the 1-year line. Look for that next month.

Thank you again, readers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m celebrating 23 years being alive.

Until next time,


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