This Old Field

Greetings readers,

If you live nearby West Carrollton and have driven west on Farmersville-West Carrollton Road, you’ve probably seen the baseball complex, just sitting there empty. You can still see the lights hanging over most of the fields, which have seen very little use (if any) over the last six to eight years.

Before the complex was constructed around the Mid-2000’s, it was a farm with a house and a barn. The driveway was on an adjacent road heading north. Every year, you could see the corn or soybeans grow.

Now lies this complex, once called “Five Star Sportsplex” and “Gator Alley” (and if I remember right, that was the first name of the complex.)

Supposedly now called W.C. Fields (see what they did there? Here’s the site that says what it’s called),  the complex has five diamonds, all lighted. The fences are at the 300′ mark, with some equipment still at the complex.

There’s a restaurant/bar in the middle of the complex, which I’ve seen lit up a few things on the way home from work. I’ve seen a few cars in the parking lot at night as I drove on by and the neon signs were on and blasting bright lights throughout the night.

I can’t recall a time where I’ve seen a game being played at the complex, even when the complex was brand new. Maybe it’s been too long to remember and I’m forgetting about times I have seen the parking lot absolutely full.

My point is not to bash the idea of building this complex, or the complex itself. I guess it’s more of an awareness for the area to use the complex. When you have the fields to play, might as well batter up.

Source of information from LoopNet and Midwest Ohio Baseball.

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