Six Teams Enter, Six Teams Leave

Greetings readers,

Remember those times I talked about the Troy Bruins and the AAHL? Well, looks like the All American Hockey League is locking things up for 2011-2012. According to their website, there will be no operations for next season.

Looking at it retrospectively, the AAHL sure had a bumpy year. Originally with six teams, the number quickly lowered down to five. Even before the puck was dropped for the first time, there was drama.

Once called the West Michigan Blizzard, the team moved to Dyer, Indiana before the season began.

The Madison Ice Muskies also was expected to play, but disappeared to Wooster without a trace. Renamed the Korn Kings, the team stayed for five games (two at home.) Their away jerseys, were literally just a green top with numbers taped on.

Indiana called it quits after the first half and were replaced by the Chi-Town Shooters. Troy and Queen City booked for the exit before the second half, and the Lapeer Loggers ran into financial problems.

As a last ditch effort, a third team was born of former Bruins, Storm, and Logger skaters called the Michigan Moose. They lasted only a few games. They don’t even appear on the league schedule, seen here. The last two teams were the Battle Creek Revolution (where the league headquarters were located) and the Shooters. Both teams websites are gone.

You might be asking, did the season finish? Yes. The Battle Creek Revs were the 2011 Champs, taking two out of three from Chi-Town.

So what does this mean for the league and those teams? Well, as a former intern with the Troy Bruins, I do happen to know some ideas and plans. However, that doesn’t mean I can spill them out here.

To be as vague as I can, there are plans to return to Hobart Arena, but probably as a junior hockey team like in the first season. It possibly will be next season, mainly because of the bridge going directly to the arena is out.

What about the other teams? I’ve seen some comments saying that Battle Creek was looking at the Federal Hockey League (from AAHL’s Facebook.) Chi-Town might take the same route.

The AAHL have bought some time to look for new teams, but will they ever drop the puck again? Time will tell.

Source of information from the AAHL website. Picture from MLive.

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