One Year to Life

Greetings readers,

This month, my blog turns one year old. That’s right, I cranked out a little over 100 posts in one year. Hopefully I picked up a few loyal readers during this time. Looking back on the 100th post, I feel like I could have done something a little more creative. So let’s do that here for the one year post!

Just a quick blog update, I have decided to temporary retire “Sportscasters Anonymous.” I feel like right now, being a male with no broadcasting job and still looking for one, I can’t offer advice without sounding like a know-it-all. So for now, that feature is on hiatus.

For this special post, I’m going to list five things I would do if I had enough money to run a professional sports team/organization/business (and see a comfortable profit.) There will be a twist to this, as I will backtrack to five older posts as part of the celebration.

  1. Remember the post about the possible hockey rink being built in the old Forest Fair Mall? Why not cater to the Butler/Warren/Hamilton County area with a semi-pro hockey team? With the Cincinnati Cyclones in Downtown Cincinnati, why not aim for the northern part of the metro area? While it’s fairly easy to reach U.S. Bank Arena, how about a family-friendly environment with a very fair price to watch a hockey team? Make it a junior league team, where the kids learn how to play professional hockey.
  2. If I ran a company that specialized in making jerseys, I would stick to making authentic throwbacks. If I couldn’t make the jerseys out of the material of old, I would try to make them simple, yet stylish. Things I wouldn’t try to create? See this article and my ranking on them. Also search for “Turn Ahead the Clock”.
  3. I’d like to assist in bringing the Troy Bruins back. You saw “assisted”, right? That’s right, the business is still operational, but the team is currently on hiatus. I think that the Bruins give something to the Upper Miami Valley that we enjoy near Dayton: sports. Granted, there’s high schools and a few summer league teams. However, the Bruins were catering to that area which is missing that team now. I know the guy that runs the team. He did a nice job, it just wasn’t working in the league (see this article if you missed out on seeing what’s happening.)
  4. It’s not totally related to sports, but I really would like to make it possible to create a fast way to get to Cleveland. I will always love Cincinnati and will always be a fan of the teams near the river, but sometimes I wish there was a quick way to get near the lake. I don’t know what it is about the city, but it’s always been a great time. I know I’m basing this off of three trips to Cleveland (two last year; one was for a career fair.) I like Cleveland, I don’t like driving up there though. If there was an easier way to get up there (that doesn’t rely on other people and becoming a mooch), I’d be there more often. I have a feeling more people agree.
  5. If I had the money, I would give to Wright State. I loved my time there, broadcasting the games. Currently, there is turf being placed at Alumni Field and a field to the east for football. I remember interviewing the baseball coach and asking him “What’s one thing you want to see at WSU?” His immediate answer? Turf. Being a northern college baseball team, it’s tough when snow and rain is dominate in the early parts of the season, hence the need to either go south to play or to play in a dome. I’m not here to say what needs to happen (I’m just a alum that’s crazy about his alma mater and probably considered the crazy one from that one station.) I love Wright State, and I feel athletics have an important tie to college life. I just want to show my support.
  6. Since #5 wasn’t what I said I would do, here’s one last thing: I would create a local sports station in Dayton, similar to SportsTime Ohio in Cleveland and Fox Sports Ohio in Cincinnati/Columbus. It would focus on sports in the area, including pros, colleges, and high schools. I don’t think most people know about some of the teams we have, and I feel they should either know about it or follow them. I don’t have an article to post on this, but I would want to own a station. Of course, broadcasting would be something I want to do as well.

So there you have it, SIX crazy things that could only be concocted by this crazy blogger. Thanks for continuing to read my blog, and here’s hoping we get through Year Two.

If you want a “Director’s Cut” to my blog, feel free to like my page on Facebook (search for Sports in the Mowen Years.)

Until next time,


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